Xero is a web based accounting and bookkeeping package for small and medium sized businesses.

With over 200,000 users worldwide (April 2013) Xero has grown to become one of leaders in online bookkeeping software in the UK. More information  about Xero.

Why Xero?

We firmly believe that the future in bookkeeping is online in the cloud. By sharing information between client and advisor we are better positioned to offer support and guidance. Xero allows us to do this seamlessly and is a delight to use. We even use it as our own bookkeeping software.

That’s not to say Xero is the only option when working with us. We just find Xero easier to use and feedback from users is very positive. It streamlines our bookkeeping process and the ability to quickly share information which makes it a win win for all involved.

The more streamlined service we can offer the more efficient we are and the more cost effective we can be!

It also means that we are not restricted to providing our services locally, we can help you and your business throughout the UK.

What Are The Benefits of Xero?

  • Do your accounts anywhere (all you need is internet access)
  • Automatic bank feeds (bank transactions are imported to Xero automatically)
  • As safe and secure as your bank
  • Easy to use software
  • iPhone and Android apps available
  • Hundreds of Add-Ons available
  • Share information between advisor and client (access the same information at the same time)
  • No need to back up data
  • Multi currency
  • Unlimited users (no need to pay per user)
  • Monthly subscription fee from £10 + VAT per month (no high one off fees)

More About The Benefits of Xero

Do Your Accounts Anywhere

All you need to use Xero is a web browser and internet access. Unlike desktop based software which is often restricted to one or two computers, the data can be accessed from anywhere; even if you are not in the same country.

Automatic Bank Feed

Using the latest technology Xero can import the previous days bank transactions (bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal) ready for processing. No need to key in the data again, making bank reconciliation’s quick and easy, often just a click of a button.

Safe and Secure

All data is stored in the cloud on like a website is stored using SSL technology. No data can be lost like with a desktop system and data is fully encrypted just like internet banking.

Easy To Use

Easy is easy to use and quick to pick up. Designed to be used by small business owners with easy to understand terminology rather than accounting speak. User feedback is always positive and the layout and design is clear and easy to navigate (see screenshots).

iPhone & Android Apps

For those who need access on the go Xero have iPhone and Android apps available to download. Raise sales invoices and complete bank reconciliation’s on the move, complete a job and send an invoice and get paid quicker. Next time your sat on the train or early for a meeting you can load up the app and chase anyone that owes you money.


With a wide range of Add-Ons there’s something that can help every business get the most out of the software and save time. Become more efficient.

Share Information

No more backups and not seeing your financial data. Now we as your advisor can look at the same data you are looking at and provide support if required. No more sending data backups between each other.

No Backups Needed

Xero requires no backups as all the data is stored and encrypted online much like a website is. Never lose data due to computer crashes again.

Multi Currency

Xero automatically updates exchange rates every hour, meaning real time currency conversions. Add invoices and bank accounts in different currencies and see gains and losses instantly.

Unlimited Users

Create user accounts and track what other users are doing. Restrict users to certain areas, great if you only want someone to enter sales invoices but not see other financial information.

Monthly Subscription

Xero is available from just £10 + VAT per month, with the standard small business version at £22 + VAT per month. No more large upfront costs and yearly upgrade costs. Xero is upgraded quarterly with new features and improvements and it’s all included in the price, including free technical support around the clock.

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