Often clients worry about upsetting the tax man, quite rightly so! Pattinsons are here to take away any doubts and concerns, we look after your taxes giving you the confidence that experienced professionals are on your side. Having a comprehensive tax knowledge as our not so secret weapon, we ensure you comply with all tax matters as well as advising on any areas we believe may benefit you.

How can we help you?

VAT Registration

Negotiating the VAT threshold and scheme options isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, at Pattinsons we can give you that all important simplified advice. We can dot the i’s and cross the t’s for you by handling the registration and maintaining accurate records to enable preparation of your VAT returns and submissions.

VAT Returns

Gone are the days of outdated complicated spreadsheet systems, Pattinsons uses the highly ranked Xero bookkeeping and accounting software to take care of your VAT returns. No more late fees and if necessary, we can also provide assistance from one of our tax specialists to work with you to get your tax affairs up to date in no time. Don’t worry, if you are happy with your current system and have no desire to change, we can still help! We will work with you, still providing the same excellent customer service you’d receive otherwise, to maintain your preferred VAT records and ensure accurate returns are prepared and filed.

Corporation Tax

Following preparation of your annual accounts, we will prepare the companies CT600 corporation tax return for submission to HM Revenue & Customs. Upon preparing the CT600, we ensure not only that the right rates are used based on the company’s profits but that all allowances, carry back options and credits have been considered.


Not only will we handle your PAYE & VAT registrations, whilst maintaining accurate records, we process and submit your returns. Ensuring for PAYE all RTI (real time information) obligations are met, Auto enrolment pension submissions are uploaded and payslips are issued either electronically or by post. When it comes to VAT, we confidently confirm the correct amount is calculated considering what you owe, what you can reclaim and the VAT refund you may be entitled to from HMRC. Where applicable, we can also arrange your company’s mandatory CIS registration if applicable.

P11D returns of benefits and expenses

P11D’s are often daunting for employers, we can take the stress and worry away. By preparing the analysis for all employee expenses and benefits paid, we can prepare P11D’s with ease and ensure employers responsibilities are met regarding national insurance and tax deductions for the year.


Whether you’ve engaged subcontractors for construction work or hired employees, The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and PAYE need to be properly managed. When it comes to the livelihood of your staff or subcontractors, Pattinsons have you covered. We can organize everything from PAYE & CIS registrations to completing accurate returns and issuing the necessary paperwork to staff and contractors securely complying with GDPR regulations.

Personal Tax

Regardless if you’re a business owner or director, a property owner, sole trader, part of the construction industry or hold a shared portfolio, at Pattinsons we can assist with all self-assessment requirements. Having dealt with all shapes and sizes over the years, Pattinsons are the accountants for you. We will register you with HM Revenue & Customs and then prepare, complete and submit your self-assessment tax returns every year. Maintaining your personal income tax records ensuring they’re accurate and up-to-date. For those clients in particular that are landlords, we will also ensure all rental accounts are properly recorded (deducting all allowable expenses) meeting your tax obligations whilst providing planning advice and discussing any potential investment tax saving benefits.

Timely processing of self-assessment returns

Not only will we ensure your tax position is correct and accurate, we will confirm all deductible expenses have been considered and your records are maintained to a high standard. We can also liaise primarily electronically if preferred. We understand your working hours and our office hours are probably the same. It’s not always ideal to leave work to come see your accountant, one, two or even three times before you get your return signed off. We use innovative electronic signature software that allows you to sign and approve your tax return almost anywhere, on your laptop, tablet or even smart phone. We then file your return electronically, requesting any potential refunds are paid directly into YOUR bank (if desired). Cutting out any wasted time and speeding up the process massively.

Tax planning

As part of Pattinsons taxation services, we access each individual or business’s unique financial circumstances. This allows our specialist tax team to give careful thought when producing and implementing tax planning strategies to improve efficiency as much as possible.

Shares and Dividends

As part of maintaining up to date company statutory records, we’ll maintain records of your share and dividends certificates. If we also handle your self assessment affairs, we will ensure that all dividends are properly declared to HMRC, saving you the time.

Tax fee protection

With HMRC enquires setting records, investigations are becoming increasingly complex. Pattinsons offer a tax investigation service plan to combat this and give client piece of mind. As long as the year in question is filed on time, this will cover our professional fees for all time spent assisting and replying to HMRC until the enquiry is closed.

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