If you’ve engaged subcontractors for construction work or you yourself are a subcontractor, your Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) records need to be properly managed. At Pattinsons we can organise everything from CIS registrations to completing accurate returns and issuing the necessary paperwork to contractors if necessary and HMRC. Dealing with both contractors and subcontractors over the years has given us a unique insight into the construction industry.

How can we help you?

CIS300 Monthly returns

At Pattinsons, not only will we register you with HMRC under the construction industry scheme, we will also maintain accurate records and file your CIS300 monthly returns electronically. We also prepare your subcontractor statements for issue and of course inform you of any liability that is payable with the appropriate payments details.

CIS Compliance

Pattinsons will ensure subcontractors are correctly verified with HMRC and the correct tax rate is deducted when preparing the subcontractor statements for the monthly return. We can apply for gross payment status if required and or discuss your options for contractors. We advise of all PAYE payments due in good time with full payment details, ensure all RTI submissions are processed and all CIS compliance is accurate, on time and up-to-date.

Investigation assistance

Receiving an enquiry letter is most businesses worst nightmare. With our tax protection service this can be a thing of the past. Businesses can be selected for various reasons, as long as they’ve opted to take out our tax protection service, all investigative work is covered until the matter is resolved. All additional fees are covered  and will not cost our clients an extra penny. This can be a relief as collating all of the information required and corresponding can be time consuming, not to worry, Pattinsons have you covered handling any investigations from start to finish usually with little involvement from the client.

HMRC registered CIS Agent

As recognised agents with HMRC, you can appoint Pattinsons as your authorised agent to handle all CIS matters (As with VAT, PAYE & all other taxes). This means all notifications and correspondence will come straight to us and we’ll deal directly with HMRC on your behalf. At Pattinsons our aim is to give our clients more time, by registering your company for CIS and filing all returns and other forms, you have more time to spend doing the important things, running your business.

Timely processing of personal tax services for Subcontractors

It is highly likely if you’re reading this you will have seen the questionable adverts that are often aimed at CIS subcontractor for large specific refund potentials for a cheap fee. If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. Everyone’s circumstances are different, rarely will one subcontractor have earned the same and incurred the same expenses as another therefore this generalisation can be very damaging. With our competitive rates and expertise, contact us today for a no obligation quote.

Not only will we ensure your potential tax refund is correct and accurate, we will confirm all deductible expenses have been considered and that your records are maintained to a high standard. We can also liaise primarily electronically if preferred. We understand your working hours and our office hours are probably the same (Ok.. your days are probably longer). It’s not always ideal to leave your work site to come see your accountant (that’s if you’re even local) one, two or even three times before you get your return signed off. We use innovative electronic signature software that allows you to sign and approve your tax return almost anywhere, on your laptop, tablet or even smart phone. We then file your return electronically, request any refunds due are paid directly into YOUR bank. Cutting out any wasted time and speeding up the process massively.

Saving you time

At Pattinsons our experienced team have perfected our CIS services to ensure you are viewed as a reliable contractor with flawless CIS records. This service has helped contribute to our business growth and to build the brand you can trust. Contact us today to handle all your CIS matters! Big or small, up-to-date or requiring assistance, we are here to either help keep you or get you back on track.

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