When it comes to the livelihood of your staff, Pattinsons have you covered. We can organize everything from PAYE registrations to completing accurate returns and issuing the necessary paperwork to staff securely complying with GDPR regulations. Our forward thinking software allows payslips to be emailed to employees individually, password protected specifically for that employee, saving any delays or unwanted paperwork by ensuring all employees receive their payslips instantly. In our experience, keeping a happy work force is key to any successful business. Employees having access to their payslips electronically will save not only their time if ever needed for say a mortgage but also your time. For those employees who’d rather receive paper that’s fine to, it’s not an all or nothing system and we will work with you to satisfy the needs of all of your employees.

How can we help you?

Payroll Run

As an employer, your payroll needs to operate smoothly and efficiently so that staff are paid correctly and on time. Pattinsons can handle all aspects of setting up and managing your payroll. If you want, we’ll even set up a scheduled payroll run, making paying your employees on time a piece of cake.

Payroll RTI submissions to HMRC

As part of the real time information requirements enforced by HMRC, you’ve got to submit your payroll information to HMRC electronically every time you pay your employees. Not only can this be inconvenient, it can be very time consuming for business owners. At Pattinsons, we’ve got your back, from PAYE registration and reports to National insurance and tax deductions.

HMRC registered PAYE Agent

As recognised agents with HMRC, you can appoint Pattinsons as your authorised agent to handle all PAYE matters (As with VAT, CIS & all other taxes). This means all notifications and correspondence will come straight to us and we’ll deal directly with HMRC on your behalf. At Pattinsons our aim is to give our clients more time, by registering your company for PAYE and filing all returns and other forms, you have more time to spend doing the important things, running your business. (or playing golf!)

Claiming your National Insurance Allowance

You can get up to £3,000 a year off your national insurance bill if you’re an employer. Pattinsons will not only check your eligibility but ensure this is claimed as part of the payroll process.

Auto-enrolment and Pensions

Auto-enrolment and pensions are now part and parcel of processing a payroll as more often than not, they have become a mandatory requirement. At Pattinsons we understand employers do not want to need to research pensions so we joined forces with another company called True Potential. For a low reasonable fee, we can set up your company’s pension scheme on your behalf. True Potential use various companies such as Legal and General to find the right pension scheme for you. Employees are contacted direct and updated regularly regarding their fund, they also have the control to manage their own preferred risk and do one off larger contributions. By offering this service we hope to offer more to clients and in turn allowing them to offer more to their employees.

Saving you time

At Pattinsons our experienced team have perfected our PAYE services to ensure you are viewed as a reliable employer with flawless PAYE records. This service has helped contribute to our business growth and to build the brand you can trust. Contact us today to handle all your PAYE matters! Big or small, up-to-date or requiring assistance, we are here to either help keep you or get you back on track.

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