Pattinsons have the expertise to tackle the financial constraints that businesses of all sizes face. With monthly updates, we help clients improve their finances and bookkeeping to plan for the future. By offering this bespoke business specific service, we generate key performance indicators to assist in addressing financial issues affecting their business. We also offer added value services such as an outsourced finance department and credit control, offering you more time to focus on the future of your business.

How can we help you?

Manual, computerised or postal bookkeeping services

Whatever your preference or current system, Pattinsons will work with you to accommodate your every need and assist you where necessary with all bookkeeping requirements.

Invoice management

Pattinsons can introduce streamlined invoicing by setting up an optimised invoicing system, with the potential of improving cash flow. By offering the additional service of raising and issuing invoices for you, we represent your business as professional and efficient. Our outsourced credit control services are a unique way in which we can assist businesses, with the potential of even outsourcing your finance department. Cash flow forecasts are produced as standard, giving you that extra hand you may need.

Purchase receipts and invoice processing

At Pattinsons we understand business isn’t always smooth sailing, who really wants to come home after a long day and update their books. With a fixed price quote, we can access and process any paperwork backlog you may have within a pre-agreed time frame. Using our recommended receipt scanning app, we can collect your paperwork daily resulting in efficient processing and easy electronic storage. This innovative feature allows you to log in to your company’s up to date paperwork from any device, anywhere.

Management accounts

There is a common turn of phrase ‘Charity begins at home’, often referring to focusing on home first. Its rarely used in the business world, At Pattinsons we believe by focusing on a company’s monthly finances so that operations are smooth and streamlined, this optimizes performance. By adapting this comprehensive approach, we can identify business specifics to deliver tailored financial plans and set key performance indicators. This helps set up your business for long-term success by identifying achievable targets.

Bank reconciliation

By reconciling your bank statements to your records each month, Pattinsons are able to confirm that all transactions have been correctly recorded and your business’s financial position is accurate. This safeguards your business, identifying errors or issues early by limiting possible exposure and protecting your cash management.

Fixed asset register management

By maintaining an asset register, a business can keep track of all their fixed assets and details surrounding them. Ensuring the correct asset values are maintained is important and useful for not only tax purposes, as well as for managing and controlling assets.

VAT Returns

Gone are the days of outdated complicated spreadsheet systems, Pattinsons uses the highly ranked Xero bookkeeping and accounting software to take care of your VAT returns. No more late fees and if necessary, we can also provide assistance from one of our tax specialists to work with you to get your tax affairs up to date in no time.

CIS Returns & Payroll

Whether you’ve engaged subcontractors for construction work or hired employees, The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and PAYE need to be properly managed. When it comes to the livelihood of your staff or subcontractors, Pattinsons have you covered. We can organize everything from PAYE & CIS registrations to completing accurate returns and issuing the necessary paperwork to staff and contractors securely complying with GDPR regulations.

Credit control

Most people don’t go into business because they like numbers (apart from us!). So it’s fitting that we offer the service to assist in identifying credit terms for your business, after all, you only want customers who are able to pay and customers that pay on time.

Outsourced finance department

The above is exactly why for those who are less inclined and lets face it, have better ways of spending their time, we offer a fully outsourced finance department. The functions of an outsourced finance department can vary depending on your business and needs, we’re here to help. Enquire today for a business specific summary of all services we can offer you.

Year end file preparation

By maintaining accurate bookkeeping records and management accounts, Pattinsons are able to take the hard work out of year end file preparation. Speeding up the old fashioned time consuming year end process delivering more to our clients. If however you require the year end file preparation assistance only, we can sort that too.


At Pattinsons we champion cloud based software such as Xero. We offer full support, from conversion to training. For more information about Xero, please click here.

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