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  • I already have a great accountant, why should I switch to you?

    We currently have some clients who also use another accountant for various services. Many of our services are designed so we can work seamlessly alongside other advisors and this arrangement has worked really well in the past.

    We see the reports and the accounts as merely the starting point. The real value of an accountant’s work is in interpreting the results and measuring them against goals and expectations to really get a feel for how well the business is performing.

    These sort of insights are vital for making sure you’re on track for achieving your goals.

    How much will it cost me?

    We try to keep out costs clear and transparent – but everyone has different needs and requirements.

    Our costs are shown on the packages page and the cost of any add-ons are also shown before you choose them. We’ll always stick to our quoted price, but when there are unforeseen circumstances or extra work required, we’ll always clear he cost with your first.

    Our aim is to make sure that you know the cost and are happy it before we start work. This way nobody is on the sharp end of any nasty surprises.

    The best way to get an idea of cost is to call into the office and have a chat with us about exactly what you need from us.

    How much hassle is it to switch accountants?

    Most people seem to think that switching accountants is a long drawn out process. In fact it is completely be hassle free – less effort than your car insurance provider.

    We can contact your previous accountant and deal with the transition to ensure the minimum of fuss and time required.

    Will I deal with a person?

    When we’ve talked over exactly what your requirements are, one of our approachable client mangers will be allocated to you. This person will be your first point of contact, but we will also supply you with two other contacts so that there will always be someone here to speak to.

    What if I don’t have any goals or targets for my business?

    That’s absolutely fine, although you probably have at least one without knowing it – to make more money.

    Goals are important to success and, if you don’t have any set, we can help you come up with some.

    Can you give me investment advice?

    We work closely with a superb Independent Financial Advisor who is FSA regulated and can give you first rate investment advice should you need it.

    I’ve just started up and have a small business, do I really need an accountant?

    It’s a vital stage for your business and most people are aware of the statistics for failure rates of new businesses.

    With our expert advice and experience, we can help you avoid the common pitfalls which most new businesses are caught out by.

    What exactly do you do that’s “forward thinking” and proactive?

    This depends hugely on what your business is trying to achieve and what exactly you want from us

    However, with good quality bookkeeping and the appropriate level of service, here are just some examples of what we can do:

    • We can monitor trends in cash flows and warn you of any potential shortfalls in the future
    • Identify loss making trends or product ranges which are dragging down overall profit
    • Establish goals and targets for the financial year before its begun and monitor progression towards these targets, advising on any corrective action
    • Monitor the key financial ratios of the business and actively monitor them
    • Identify you key customers in terms of value of turnover and frequency of custom
    • Calculate the cost of having your money tied up in stock or with your debtors

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